Jamaica’s Mangrove Oyster in Pictures

“The flavor of an oyster must depend upon several things. First if it is, fresh and sweet and healthy it will taste good, quite simply ……… good, that is, if the taster likes oyster.” M.F.K Fisher – The Art of Eating

A couple strolling along the beach after eating fried fish from a nearby restaurant











Jamaica’s Mangrove Oyster from Old Harbor Bay










“People love the oysters because it’s a strong nature food. It puts lead into your pencil and strengthens your back. It increases sperm count for men who want to get their women pregnant.”
Leslie McKie, popularly known as ‘Juici’





Some sweetened with honey, some pickled, all just right for your oyster delight








This is my sister’s first oyster experience, I was proud to witness her first baby steps as a foodie