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The hardest thing to do is to tell someone about yourself. It’s even more difficult when you leave the relative safety of adjectives. Venturing in the realm of complete thoughts expressed through sentences and paragraphs, your “truth” is filtered through the sieve of social background, race, and cultural experience.


I have always been able to use food as my culinary compass, a marker for various turning points in my life. My first introduction to cooking began at age 9: I always slept late on Saturdays, and my family always would eat breakfast without me. By the time I woke up hungry, there was nothing left; so I learnt to make my own breakfast from my mom’s old Betty Crocker cookbook. I made my first omelet under Betty’s tutelage, and have never looked back since.


Since then, I have attended secondary and tertiary institutions, pursuing courses related to my field of interest. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for Walt Disney World Resorts, and fine dining joints in the Florida Keys and Miami’s South Beach. I spent years running a bakery at home in Jamaica – responsible for everything from managing payroll to changing light bulbs. Coming back to the U.S., I have been a line cook and junior sous chef at two of Atlanta’s finest hotels. I am passionate about all things culinary: home cooking, garden-fresh vegetables, food writing, adult beverages, street festivals, fine restaurants.


So, who am I? “Talented” would be a good word; or better yet, say that I’m “focused”, secure in the knowledge that my determination and experiences will bring me life’s best. I am definitely not going to allow myself to be a victim of circumstance – born in a poor country, the product of a single-parent home. I have had to work hard for everything I have so far.  But even on the difficult road, I have taken the time to eat well.



As of this posting, Jomo Morris is currently packing his whisks, Grey Kuntz spoons, knives, cast-iron skillet, $20 mandolin, chef whites and clogs in layers of plastic wrap and kitchen towels. Preparing for his next professional kitchen, he plans to seek greener pastures working side-by-side with similarly deviant minds that are equally determined to cook for a living. 






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  1. This is absolutely brilliant stuff, Jomo, Continue with the great recipes and making great strides in the wonderful world of culinary.

    Best of luck to ya.


  2. All the best on your endevours Mr. Morris…. the sky is not your limit but your guide… follow it bro..

    Peace and love

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