Once Upon A Mango

IMG_4509 copyOnce Upon A Mango

Always thank Mrs. Mango Seed

You enjoyed it

 She can tell

Children dance round big mango tree

 Sound of laughter

 Clear and free

Eat ripe mango

 One to ten

 School is out

Barefoot then

Climb and pick or use a stick

Search the ground

Look round and round

Ripe ripe Julie sweet and juicy

June July Big Bombay full

Mango blossom caressed by breeze

Perfect food for worker bees

Share a mango

Make a friend

 Give a smile

Mango zen

Sweetest candy on a tree

Share God’s gift

With feet and wings

Crawly things

He is wise

He knew so well

Ripe mango sweeter

Than a dinner bell



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