Recipe for Temptation

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… or anytime you want to put some sizzle back into your life.


Methodically covering your body with kosher salt and pepper, my fingers caress you.

Enjoy this medium-rare feeling like a sauna, a hot grill get your juices flowing;

never cook you to death, you sexy young thing.

Always a tease with your racy grill marks, so seductive in my mouth, succulent between my lips

Together against all odds – I don’t care what people say – I’m your baked potato to my last breath.

Miss New York Strip, 16-ounce red vixen, inch-and-a-half thick, tantalizing sizzle

Even better than southern swine, dressed up with a glass of red wine

Aphrodite in the flesh, naughty girl, slathered in butter, smoking hot, so tempting, delicious sin

To find a knife and fork my only desire.




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