The Shed at Glenwood

People are pretty good at associating words with images. Most associate the color yellow with the sun, or think of candy when the word chocolate is mentioned. Words can construe positive or negative connotations in our psyche. Often we use words to identify ourselves, and in so doing, create expectations from which people can judge us. I’m a chef. This is the start of my professional identity. It should lead you to believe that I’m knowledgeable about food, I can cook, and I wear a white jacket with checkered pants.  When you hear the word “shed”, you think of a small building in the backyard used for tool storage or as a work space. Imagine my surprise when I decided to have dinner at The Shed at Glenwood in East Atlanta. The building is unassuming in décor, part of one of the developments of apartments and stores so common in urban neighborhoods. The red brick façade had no large sign; I had to literally walk right up to the door to make sure I was in the right place. Inside, the décor was contemporary with stainless steel, recessed lights, and an open floor plan. The space was just the right size for a neighborhood restaurant: small enough to be intimate, large enough not to be claustrophobic. I got there at 6 p.m., which is the usual start for dinner service, and was surprised to find people eating at several tables. The host was on the phone confirming a reservation; once finished, he […]

Recipes to feed the Wolf – French Onion Soup

The purpose of every cook is to feed the hungry; and more importantly, the wolf we become, because of that hunger. It’s raining outside and from the look of things today is a good day to spend indoors. Rainy days are best spent in an old t-shirt, fuzzy socks and comfortable pajamas. A rainy day is best for curling up on the sofa. There’s a book you’ve wanted to read for some time.