Six Feet Under

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Six Feet Under’s main sell is its location. The tavern is a landmark in the celebrated Grant Park district just off Memorial Drive. Housed in a reclaimed Atlanta manufacturing company called the Southern Elevator Company; remnants of its former tenant are evident in the red brick design of the building and interior décor with exposed piping and large factory windows. The walls are lined with antique beer signs which give the space a relaxed feel and ambiance.  Folks who like a bit of history with their grub may like the fact that the restaurant is directly across from Atlanta’s historic Oakland cemetery; the final resting place to golfing great Bobby Jones and Gone with the Wind’s author, Margaret Mitchell.  It’s ironic and a bit funny that a bar called Six Feet Under serves food and drink to patrons overlooking a cemetery.  Customers can choose to sit downstairs in the main restaurant or head upstairs to a rooftop bar and patio with a delightful view of Atlanta’s skyline. I already mentioned the view of the Oakland cemetery. This time around we opted to sit downstairs in air conditioned comfort, dining outside in the midday sun is not an ideal setting.

The menu references the familiar lexicon of southern cuisine and makes no attempt at straying far from its safe confines.The kitchen’s straightforward dish on classic bar food, focus primarily on seafood with the addition of salads, hamburgers and wings. Ingredients and preparations popular in the south; deep fried, blackened, Andouille sausage, Cajun, corn, cornmeal, oysters, Po’boy, bacon and catfish are prevalent. Starters like fried catfish fingers, mini crab cakes and deep fried oyster or shrimp makes no waves but keeps the high volume of customers happy.

It’s obvious that this is a busy restaurant highlighted by the number of watchful servers, moving in and around the tables with quiet efficiency. Our server Tina was very pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu, and she quickly took our order for drinks and enquired about appetizers. I chose Oysters Rockefeller as an appetizer and my friend decided to have the mini lump crab cakes. The Oysters Rockefeller was a misstep on the part of the kitchen; I’ve had better versions and this one though pretty to look at was heavy on the parmesan and bread crumbs, which made them almost dry.  The lump crab cakes in contrast, were delicious. Lump crab meat seared on the outside, moist on the inside with the sweetness of fresh corn and mustard, guaranteed to make any diner happy. Tina our server was mindful to stop by and refill our water glasses and point out her favorite dishes on the menu. We were intrigued by the taco combinations and ingredients and decided to have them for our main course.

I chose a trio which included:

  1. Fried chicken with cotija cheese, shredded lettuce, roasted corn and salsa.
  2. Blackened shrimp with shredded fresh spinach, cucumber, sweet onion relish, mixed cheese and cucumber wasabi.
  3. Fried catfish taco with mixed cheeses, jalapeños, tomatoes, cabbage & cucumber wasabi sauce.  All our tacos came with salsa verde and home-style potato chips.

I enjoyed the food, I liked the ambiance. Sated, we decided to forgo dessert and I went upstairs to check out the view from the roof top bar. Up the broad stairway and out the screen door, I could definitely see the allure of enjoying a cocktail in this relaxed setting. I’m sure that after the sun goes down, the restaurant empties and everyone chooses to sit outside.  Six Feet Under has character and is a standout for location. It’s a fun way to introduce visitors to Atlanta’s bar scene. The food is good and the service professional and friendly. Definitely worth a second visit.



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