So What If You Don’t Like My Mac & Cheese

Not in a box, on a shelf, made it all

 By myself

Elbow pasta, not that Krafta, stir the pot

Cooks it faster

Drain it, strain it, add some oil

To maintain it

Let it cool, there’s no rush, should be firm to tha touch

Start that sauce, lots of butter

add tha flour

Clickety clack, wooden spoon

 forth and back

Call it roux, looks like goo

Pour some cream, steady stream

Stir and stir, end in sight, almost done

 time it right

Shred that cheddar, more is better, cheese and sauce

melt together

Razzle, dazzle, bubble, pop,

Just like magic, Roger rabbit

Bake, bake, bake, cheese on top

350, tick tick tock

 golden crust, cheesy bruises

Love the smell as it oozes

Mac & Cheese so devine, go make yours

 I’m eating mine!