Flower Power :)

Mother Nature shares her smile by giving us FLOWERS

I found these Zinnias growing at the Dekalb High Community Garden

It’s a small urban garden cared for by school children

Red, Yellow, Pink and Orange

Imagine their excitement as they watched the seeds grow

Now the season is changing and these flowers are a reminder, in times of uncertainty

Life is still beautiful

Never forget, opportunity comes in many different




Often we are so busy cooking in Lifes’ kitchen

we pay no attention when  oppurtunity knocks at the door

It starts with small details 

 Things we often ignore

Pennies, matching socks, roots, leaves, stems

Hugs and Kisses for Loved Ones galore 

 Honey Bees share Marigolds with Butterflies

That’s Insect Peace and Love 

 Flower Power 🙂

Smile your troubles away

Today is a brighter day

Remember, even clouds need a holiday

Together we can plant and nurture

Our own beautiful garden

And water it with joy and happiness

Watch it grow

 The seeds unfurl

Leaves kissed by the morning sun

Petals that sway

Gently in the breeze

All this can be done, though it may take some time

But nature has shown us and we can see 

All that’s needed

is you and me 



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  1. I’m definitely not the type of girl that’s stoping to smell the roses. However this is absolutely beautiful. The fact that kids care for the garden makes it extra precious. I love it!

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