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Chefs Table

I’ve always been a fan of comic books. In high school; X-men, Spider-man and Conan the Barbarian were some of my favorites. It’s safe to say, Marvel super heroes, helped shape my love for science fiction and fantasy books. Books feed my imagination; they were a doorway to escape through, as soothing as a glass of fresh lemonade on a hot July afternoon. The act of reading is passive, quiet and deeply personal. It’s the antithesis of working in a kitchen. In my apartment, one of my favorite places for reading is the bathroom.  It’s a sanctuary compared to the noise and constant communication required to function effectively in a busy restaurant.  So after a hard nights work, in my bathroom I’ll sit – my sanctuary  – with a good book perched on my knees and no sense of urgency. My moment of meditative reverie is snatched away as the elevator doors slowly ping open and I walk past the dish pit and into the main kitchen. The extremely bright twelve foot fluorescent lights, paint the space in an artificial sunlight, that brightens my chef whites but not my thoughts. The am shift is on their way out; nine pans filled with an assortment of mise en place lay on the stainless steel counter-top. There is an economy of movement as cooks cover each one with a thin film of plastic wrap, label and date, slot them into a hotel pan and place them onto a speed rack. Their day […]

CEDE the DEMON – Morlock Ends (part 3)

Better to not dwell on the past. Its 6 am, and the alarm shatters the quiet with an ear splitting beep that pulses louder in intensity and jolts Cede awake. Sleepily he gropes for the snooze button, but changes his mind and stumbles out of bed. Yawning, he pushes his door open and shuffles down the hallway towards the bathroom. In the kitchen, the coffee machine begins to gurgle as Cede steps into the tiny shower and turns on the water faucet. Lathering himself with soap, he watches indifferently as rivulets of soap run down his chest to collect in little puddles at his feet. The water is tepid and smells slightly of sulfur but Cede has grown accustomed to the odor. It’s a part of this old Victorian house, the corroded iron pipes, the pine flooring, the narrow windows with their gingerbread fretwork. The few beams of sunlight brave enough to make it through, barely make a dent in the perpetual gloom. Humming, he continues to scrub his back with a rag. He turns the faucet off, grabs a threadbare towel and begins to dry his scrawny frame. Cede needed his morning coffee. Moving barefoot around the kitchen, he reached up to the top shelf of the pantry searching with his fingers until they brushed against his mom’s favorite instant oatmeal. Each morning like clockwork, Cede would make a bowl of Uncle Roy’s blueberry oatmeal, butter two pieces of toast and pour a glass of orange juice. Then he would climb the stairway […]

CEDE the Demon – Eve 409 (Part 2)

“And what if nature chose you to lead the attack?” Cede the Demon With all the panic and worry about whose home, might be the next to go, the suicide rate jumped from zero to three in the first month. The local pharmacist Jim Belandy used his Ruger model 44 carbine to blow his brains out in the back his store, what with his wife and six kids to feed. The next day, his wife Molly, climbed over a concrete road divider and stepped in front of a semi-tractor trailer. As for the six kids, the county welfare agency bundled them up in the back of a Ford Explorer and no one has seen them since. The townsfolk in Morlock were accustomed to hardship; Reverend Judas knew this, he had lived here all his life. And as he preached in front of a packed congregation in the stifling July heat, he ended his Sunday sermon with the words, “living is as natural as dying, it is not for us to question the when or why.” His message was well received by Morlocks’ citizens and for the rest of that week, there was a sense of calm and hope as people went about their daily business. But then, the rats began to die. Lester, the town drunk claimed “they jus climbing out the drains, frittering and shaking, running all crazy like.” By noon that day, cars going up and down the streets of Morlock , had pulverized the rotting flesh into […]