If Your Mind Urges You to do Something; Listen! If Your Inner Spirit Tells You to do Something;Obey!

If your mind urges you to do something; listen. Mine has been nagging me for the past few days. Since Wednesday, it’s been industriously firing millions of neurons, triggering wave after wave of electric impulses. I’ve been unable to think about nothing else.  If your mind urges you to do something; obey. I’m off this coming Sunday, usually, the idea of being out of the restaurant kitchen, is something I look forward to, but today it’s a means to an end. I’m off on Sunday, but more importantly I’m in the mood to cook dinner. It all started when my roommate Elton bought a 2lb pork shoulder from the Buford Farmers Market. He was so proud of his purchase and his plans for the pork, that he called Tracy (a mutual friend) to share his jubilation. Tracy thought Elton was planning to cook “Jerk pork” and naturally invited herself over for dinner. That was on Wednesday, but somehow, the act of whom and when the pork would be prepared, got lost in translation.  Elton claimed their discussion was about his purchase, and of his intentions to cook some jerk pork. He did not tell her he was going to cook it that same day. Tracy was not pleased, as she learnt the truth during subsequent phone calls. To appease them both, I volunteered to roast the pork shoulder on Sunday; if Elton would season it. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday It’s been marinating in the refrigerator for four days. The smell […]