Enough is Enough!?

Cooking  without Love and Passion not good

One year without promotion

Living paycheck to paycheck

Unemployed for three months

Not learning

And growing

In your work environment

Rent eats an entire paycheck



Your kitchen serves soup from a plastic bag

Vegetables from a No.10 can

Blackened fish, chicken, shrimp

Your chef is an addict

No call, no show, not good

Thinking a culinary education is

Working two jobs?

The first time you wake up and hate yourself for going to work


 An invitation, opportunity, chance to stage in Europe

$10 an hour at the restaurant of a talented chef

14 hour days learning in that kitchen

Is hard work, perseverance and a little luck?

Is prayer and faith?

Is having a name stenciled on your jacket?

Is reading this poem?






2 Replies to “Enough is Enough!?”

  1. WTF? life is sometimes like a bowl of cherries…the pits!!…we can’t all be Lucy like Anthony Bourdain,strung out on drugs slaving in a dungeon called a kitchen then hit it big with a TV show.In life you play or get played…sad to say we bought into the dream that we can’t wake up from…our only consolation…IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!

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