To Catch a Cereal Killer – A Stayache Tataland Murder Mystery

Rat fink was dead and buried. Hannikah the shrew was in the great barnyard in the sky, and everyone else was scared shitless. The Holstein police were busy trying to guess the killer’s name, they had spent the last two days watching reruns of “The Price is Right”, but they forgot to buy a clue. After two days, their list had more vowels than alphabet soup. They looked at the list up close, then afar and finally upside down, and eventually became more confused than before. Moo York’s mayor Cock-A-Doodle was in a foul mood in fact he was madder than a feather duster at a vacuum cleaner conference. The public was becoming antsy; they wanted the killer caught. This cereal killer debacle was a public relations nightmare that was beginning to spin out of control. This was an election year and the bumbling of the police department was hurting his campaign. At that moment, he was in his office putting the spur to the police chief’s backside. Cock-A-Doodle was a seasoned political campaigner; rumor was, he was more slippery than the fox in the henhouse. It was even said, that the fox was his drinking buddy and if the rumor is to be believed; also on his payroll, as an enforcer for the numerous illicit henhouses owned by Cock-A-Doodle. He was one bad ass rooster and Chief Cremo knew it. The mayor was threatening to fire the entire department, if some headway wasn’t made soon and pronto. This was […]

Could You Please Remove the Head!

“Yesterday, they were swimming their little hearts out on a fish farm in Northern Georgia, oblivious to their fateful end – a gourmand’s delight – well seasoned, crisp and seared, elegant and composed on a plate of bone white china.”

Enough is Enough!?

Cooking  without Love and Passion not good One year without promotion Living paycheck to paycheck Unemployed for three months Not learning And growing In your work environment Rent eats an entire paycheck ENOUGH!!!!!!   Your kitchen serves soup from a plastic bag Vegetables from a No.10 can Blackened fish, chicken, shrimp Your chef is an addict No call, no show, not good Thinking a culinary education is Working two jobs? The first time you wake up and hate yourself for going to work ENOUGH!!!!!!  An invitation, opportunity, chance to stage in Europe $10 an hour at the restaurant of a talented chef 14 hour days learning in that kitchen Is hard work, perseverance and a little luck? Is prayer and faith? Is having a name stenciled on your jacket? Is reading this poem? Enough.    

Taste of Atlanta

Are you smiling? You don’t have to. But I would like you to share in my giddy headed, jump for joy, yeaaaaa, exuberant celebration. Because cooks rarely get time off on the weekend. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are usually the busiest days in a restaurant. It’s “all hands on deck,” when the corporate suits are off, weekends are fast paced and extremely busy for those in the restaurant business.