East Atlanta Strut !!!

I got a phone call from Tracy , a good friend of mine that lives in East Atlanta. She said that there was a festival up the street in her neighborhood, cars were parking up  an down on her avenue and she could hear music in the distance. Normally on a Saturday I’m at work, in fact it’s rare  cooks never get Saturdays off. But I’m a lucky son of a gun and this particular beautiful, sunny day in Atlanta was mine, to do what I pleased. So she called and I was like hey, I’ll come over and we can go check it out, sounds like fun.

On the Menu

East Atlanta  put on a helluva street festival. Thousands of people turned out to show their support, have  fun, and just vibe with the funky music , good beer, the delicious food and outstanding works of art that was available. To say the neighborhood charm worked like a charm is an understatement.

Sticky, Smoky , Tangy , Sweet Ribs , Falling of the Bone

I had the opportunity to sample ribs and chicken sliders from Boners BBQ. This food truck served some of what I thought was the best BBQ ribs to be had anywhere.We actually went back for a second serving and bought more at the end of the night to take home. Nothing says summer like a bottle of cold ginger beer to drive away the heat. Even better, it was Jamaican…….. nostalgia in a bottle. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the food from Boners because we were so hungry, and the food disappeared in minutes.  What a summer festival without funnel cakes. I had to try them, the booth next to Boners was doing a brisk business, frying and serving them hot and covered in powdered sugar.This was too much for us to enjoy by ourselves. Tracy called her sister and told her to bring the kids.

Funnel Cakes and Corn Dogs




This was a party that needed the whole gang.There was something for everyone. The weather was clear, bright and sunny. A perfect Saturday afternoon for friends and family to support what was truly local and unique about East Atlanta. Despite the massive crowds the event did not feel congested. There was no rush like at a football or baseball game, where the press of a crowd can become quite claustrophobic and stuffy.

The East Atlanta Strut is a jolly good vibe. Live bands, a bull ride, and a carnival act keeps the crowd in a festive mood. It was a treat especially for the children.Tracy and myself who had now been joined by her sister decided, to let the kids have some fun in the Bounce House.Beer for the grown-ups and popsicles for the kids. They even had popsicles for big kids like myself , blackberry mojito anyone?

Blackberry Mojito in a Popsicle

It was delicious !!!! Reflecting on the events of the day as it unfolded; I was struck with an idea that grew in volume and side like flood waters cresting a dam. It’s an idea that I would like to share with you all, in the hope that it grows beyond even what I envisioned. Like the single raindrop, that grew into a stream and gathered strength until it swept   away all that opposed it. One raindrop, an event, where friends, family and strangers’ rubbed shoulders without bias or prejudice.  Imagine if instead of mouthing the words, we actually practiced tolerance for each other. If a man could respect another man for being unique and different then we could all move towards uplifting ourselves as a society with a conscience that acted in an ethical manner. Gradually, these ugly words like war, hate and prejudice would fade from our vocabulary. Like rainbows after the storm, we would look at the world around us, with an open heart and open mind. Imagine how uplifting it would be if we took the East Atlanta Strut and lived in harmony like the colors of the rainbow. It would be a brighter day, and we would be better people for it.



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