The Passionate Chef

This letter was written almost a year ago from one cook to another. I have taken the liberty of blotting out some names, and deleting the names of restaurants mentioned . I am publishing this letter as it was intended to be read , and how it was intended to make the reader feel. I have left the typos to rest where they lay because this letter is not about grammatical content. It was written from the heart, and it’s heart that matters. I think it’s a damn shame, you decided to stay at the Hotel after what they did to all of us, and not to mention the way it is run and the product you are putting out. I also find it funny, that they let all of us go and then The Restaurant Group pulled out, kind of a kick in the ass if you ask me. I once remember you saying you were upset and wanting to quit, because of only ordering from a Food Service Company and that is what you’re working with now. So why is it ok now? I also remember the day I hired you and interviewed you at a Fine Dining Restaurant. You said you understood the business and as a line cook knew you weren’t going to make lots of money and respected and accepted that. For myself it was a blessing what happened at the Hotel. I’m glad I’m out of there because I found myself loosing passion and turning corporate which I never want to do. Nor did I have the choice, we had no guests to cook for, and that’s what the Hotel Owners wanted a corporate chef. Sure I miss the money but that’s not what I’m in the business for, I do it because I love food and love cooking. If I was in it for the money I would have changed paths long ago. I also look like an ass for speaking highly of you to the chef and the staff at the  Bistro, and promising them you would come. I thought I knew you and again was trying to do a favor for cooks that I believe will one day be a great chef. It will be hard for me to ever do a favor or pull strings for anyone again. Even after you committed to coming and gave the F&B manager your 2 weeks and then backed out its a shame. What happened did the F&B manager bribe you into it? He is just as bad as the owners… you still have lots to learn bro and if you don’t jump on the band wagon you’re going to find yourself stuck. You would have learned more at this Bistro in the 2-3 months if you were there, than you would have for one year at the Hotel.  We are doing 500-700 covers a day with great products and techniques it takes more than an average cook to keep up with that. Do you wake up every day happy to leave for work? And do you think those other line cooks and people respect you? It’s a joke bro. I mean if that’s what you’re into good luck man. The way I look at it, there are great chefs out there and real legacies like Jean Louis Palladin, Ferdinand Point, and Auguste Escoffier. Those were real great chefs and icons. It’s up to us, it’s up to us as young chefs to keep them alive, recreate there philosophies, inspire others to be like these great chefs, and evolve into the future. One question, if we don’t represent these great chefs who will? You think staying at the Hotel  will represent those chefs? I know you’re making $15 per hour and are trying to save but is it really worth the extra couple bucks? Do you think working for places other than Jean Georges, Gray Kunz, Michel Richard, Boulud, Keller, and Delouvier with great passion, technique and classical procedures will bring you to the top or boost your career and profession? I doubt it! This is all just a thought, something you should think very hard about. SO what, if you would have made $10 per hour at the Bistro, you would have been working for a renowned restaurant, learning a great chef’s  technique, working with other passionate professionals, getting over time, handing up to 400 covers a shift, and being recognized as a great cook by other great chefs. Do you think saying you worked at the Hotel and were the so called chef will help you get a great job? I guarantee a guy from a reputable restaurant will get the job before you because it’s well known for a reason. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just very disappointed in some of your choices as a young cook. Take it or leave it, it’s just my 2 cents. To be honest you don’t have much more time to learn what you need to learn to rise to the top. I hate to say it bro but this industry loves young hungry professionals, you have no choice but to work with the best if you want to get there before the youngsters do! You’re a great friend and a great cook. You need to be with the best don’t put up with the average Joe’s especially not people who have no desire to have a restaurant nor know what the f@#k is involved with creating a great one. I’m  looking out for your best interest. Hope this helps your mind set! Don’t forget where you came from bro…



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