Welcome to Stayache Tataland – A Beasty Fear Tail

In Stayache Tataland there lived a Jersey Heard of cows whose calves were all slender and shapely, well suited for supporting plump bovine figures. Each day, Mercedes, Lexus, Sapphire, Paradise, Champagne, and Swantina worked out on the pole to keep the hump in their rumps. These were young heifers and for them it was all about cows gone wild and partying.

When Life Sours and Tears Taste Like Limes

When life sours and tears taste like limes… CRY. Or decide that today is the day to eat pie. I’ve been feeling like a sour lime of late. Normally, I’m an optimist who can find something positive in any situation. But somehow, my sunny outlook has gone dark, leaving seeds of uncertainty and melancholy to take root. I will not let them germinate. Hope springs eternal in the kitchen. Make a graham cracker crust and pat it down firmly in a pan or pie mold to keep melancholy away. Graham Cracker Crust 1 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 ½ tbsp all purpose flour  1 tbsp granulated sugar ½ stick unsalted butter (melted) Combine first 3 ingredients. Add butter in a steady stream until mixed. Make shell in pie mold or pan, pressing graham cracker crust mix in bottom and sides until evenly applied throughout. My life savings paid the first year of my college tuition; the next year sort of took care of itself. Instead of believing those who cast shadows of doubt in my path, I persevered. At night while my classmates slept, I worked; and with each paycheck came the means to pursue my passion. Passion created Photochefs.com, a blog that allows me share my love of writing and cooking with you. My passion is as thick as Key Lime Pie Custard: Key Lime Pie Custard 3 (14 oz) cans sweetened condensed milk 13 egg yolks 8 oz Key lime juice Mix all three ingredients in mixer with paddle […]

What did Mr. Bar-B-Q & Mrs. Deep Fry say to the Raw Vegan?

People in the South crave Mr. Bar-B-Q and Mrs. Deep Fry’s cooking like mint needs julep. Mrs. Deep Fry and Mr. Bar-B-Q with their genteel charm and easygoing mannerism are the benevolent grandparents of southern hospitality. Everyone knows them; they never miss a birthday party, picnic, neighborhood cookout or family gathering. Nothing pleases them more, than to have friends and family

When the Kitchen Slows Down

Friday is my favorite day to walk to work. As I exit the Peachtree Marta Train station, up the escalator and past the Peachtree Center mall; I’m in my own insulated world. Black tinted sunglasses, and my MP3 player, acts like a screen, offering a voyeuristic view of people going about their business. I’m dressed in my usual street gear, (cotton t-shirt, cargo shorts and sandals), perfect for Atlanta in August, where the average daytime temperature creeps upwards of 90 degrees. For someone who works in a hot steamy ass kitchen this is as comfortable as it gets. It’s already 2pm and I clock in, slip into my chef whites, stash my personal stuff in my locker and ride the elevator upstairs to the main kitchen. Stephen the sauté guy is already there and he waves his sip cup at me in casual greeting; before heading to the dishwash station for the usual assortment of nine, third and six pans for his station. Duff and Angie two of the cooks from the morning shift, are in a heated discussion (something about the Miami Heat and the NBA finals) by the soda fountain, and I nod in their direction as I fill my sip cup with a mixture of sprite and lemonade. Yes! I know water is better, but I like water for showers and washing my hands and flushing, which suits me just fine. It’s hot outside and in the kitchen and although I would prefer a cold Stella Artois, […]

A Glass of Wine

A glass of wine enhances a sumptuous feast with good cheer and fond remebrance Made from grapes with care and attention tastes of noble men Fills the soul with longing for bare feet in garden grass And friendship  And love And butterflies  A glass of wine in its most sublime form sets the tone for romance Nurtues young love to full bloom With gentle thoughts and clear conscience As an aperitiff with cheese and fruit Decadence An elixir after work A glass of wine for your thoughts And sentiment feeling A kiss for you my love

Omelets vs Osso Bucco

It all started last night with a conversation between myself and another cook. He had worked a few days on the breakfast shift and during a lull in dinner service, began to reminisce about his experience. “Dude,I wish they would schedule me for more morning shifts, it’s soooo reelaxing.  I get to come in…… drink a cup of coffee …… look at the schedule ….. and it goes by so quickly. Lunch is a breeze, clean up, wash my tools and I’m coasting out the door by two.”  I tried, really tried, really hard not to roll my eyes while peeling asparagus for my station. His mindless banter was annoying and I pretended to listen while mentally zoning him out. To you my dear reader, I apologize I couldn’t help myself , this was too much , I gave him a dirty look which  cut him off mid-sentence.  “Are you crazy!  ! Why would you want that? You have no idea what your’re talking about !   And I proceeded to tell him why. I think I hurt his feelings, I didn’t care. At some point in my explanation, I looked at his face and realized I had lost him.His eyes had widened and he looked like a deer caught in a car’s high beam. I recognized the signs of his affliction  It’s a peculiar virus that affects cooks early in their career. That wide eyed expression. His desire to join the breakfast shift. The desire to leave work early. The easy way out! He had caught the “lifers bug”  as surely as […]

The Passionate Chef

This letter was written almost a year ago from one cook to another. I have taken the liberty of blotting out some names, and deleting the names of restaurants mentioned . I am publishing this letter as it was intended to be read , and how it was intended to make the reader feel. I have left the typos to rest where they lay because this letter is not about grammatical content. It was written from the heart, and it’s heart that matters. I think it’s a damn shame, you decided to stay at the Hotel after what they did to all of us, and not to mention the way it is run and the product you are putting out. I also find it funny, that they let all of us go and then The Restaurant Group pulled out, kind of a kick in the ass if you ask me. I once remember you saying you were upset and wanting to quit, because of only ordering from a Food Service Company and that is what you’re working with now. So why is it ok now? I also remember the day I hired you and interviewed you at a Fine Dining Restaurant. You said you understood the business and as a line cook knew you weren’t going to make lots of money and respected and accepted that. For myself it was a blessing what happened at the Hotel. I’m glad I’m out of there because I found myself loosing passion and turning corporate which I […]