What Our Hands Know

A cooks’ true value is measured by what our hands know

It is a gift

As precious as an oyster sweeping the tongue with ocean tide

As pure as a childs’ smile

As familiar as milk and cookies

Our hands respect ingredients

Ripe avocado, lime green skin, butter interior

Summer tomatoes as honest as grace at a family gathering.

We speak to food with our hands, we ask questions

Tap on a watermelon

Kneading dough to develop gluten

The doneness of a steak

Our hands suffer and bruise, calluses grow, fingertips lose feeling, new scars overlap old scars

We train our hands to ignore blisters, tolerate latex gloves, muli-task

Like a chefs toque, heat and flame is constant

But our hands are not afraid

Because cooks must – sear, blanch, grill, bake, create

Our hands – a cooks hands-  practice craft

Our hands….. make

Our hands….. form

Our hands… create

We cook



7 Replies to “What Our Hands Know”

  1. Go Jomo -you should send these out to all the cooking channels and shows Ja included.

    You know Culinary art and soul.
    So you must do well – an old master chef once told his class (in Ja)that love has to be in the meals. And that good bread has a piece of dough from the previous batch passed down through generations
    so the hands do know what is in the heart.
    Anyway good luck.I am actually at the bakery with Auntie. Working on drums4peace at Strawberry fields. Hopefully one event you can present a peacemeal or cake.
    Keep the vibes flowing

    Uncle ZIGA

  2. Hey jomo. That was an amazing view of food and the art that is cooking. I’m impressed. You sure should venture towards food network magazine. Keep it up.
    _ra melissa

    1. Thank you so much Melissa, evry day word by word, story by story I’m working to share my passion with everyone who visits my site. Please feel free to visit and leave cooments or post a link with your friends. Being able to talk with you through this site means alot to me

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